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We can also provide advice on using local authority complaints procedures and assist with Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) applications.See our top 9 reasons why you should choose Bolt Burdon Kemp’s child abuse team.Normally for a CICA claim to succeed: These rules can be difficult to apply in cases involving allegations of abuse that happened outside of these timeframes, but not impossible given the right legal support.

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The amount the court will award will depend on the severity of the abuse, the length of time endured and the psychological problems resulting from it.The key to any claim is evidence from independent medical experts, usually a psychiatrist in child abuse cases.He or she will interview you and prepare a report detailing the harm inflicted.Compensation from the CICA can be easier to obtain but is often less than you would get in a civil claim for damages.If at a later date you are also successful in a civil claim, normally any payment received from the CICA must be repaid.

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