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The name Carantania itself begins to appear in historical sources soon after 660.The first clear indication of a specific ethnic identity and political organisation may be recognised in the geographical term Carantanum which Paul the Deacon used in reference to the year 664, and in connection to which he also mentioned a specific Slavic people (gens Sclavorum) living there.In the 6th century Chur was also conquered by the Franks.Slavic settlement in the Eastern Alps region is proven by the collapse of local dioceses in the late 6th century, a change in population and material culture, and most importantly, in the establishment of a Slavic language group in the area.It was the predecessor of the March of Carinthia, created within the Carolingian Empire in 889.Another possible etymology is that it may have been formed from a toponymic base carant- which ultimately derives from pre-Indo-European root *karra meaning 'rock', or that it is of Celtic origin and derived from *karantos meaning 'friend, ally'. The principality was centered in the area of modern Carinthia, and included territories of modern Styria, most of today's East Tyrol and of the Puster Valley, the Lungau and Ennspongau regions of Salzburg, and parts of southern Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

It was (at least by name) the predecessor of the later Duchy of Carniola.It most probably also included the territory of the modern Slovenian province of Carinthia.The few existing historical sources distinguish between two separate Slavic principalities in the Eastern Alpine area: Carantania and Carniola.In 568, the Langobards receded into northern Italy.Subsequently, in the last decades of the 6th century, Slavs settled in the depopulated territory with the help of their Avar overlords.

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