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If you get offended easily, especially when you know that deep down the girl really WANTS you, you won't get anywhere in this area. It's about KNOWING YOUR OWN VALUE regardless of the messages that are being sent to you verbally or non-verbally from her.

Kinda reminds me of the story of the guy who thought the weight was lighter than it really was and nobody told him.

But if she feels attracted to you, and yet also feels insecure about being able to attract a guy like you, she may very well try to show you she is not so interested by being kinda bitchy. Again, I hate to use numbers, and beauty is often partially based in the eye of the beholder, but it's helpful for getting the idea across here.

Girls who are 9s and up tend to feel confident enough that they have you attracted so they don't need to act this way once they already like you.

She may say "you're cheesy", she may say she has to go, she may even feign anger that you are interrupting her friends.

Now, it takes SKILL to know when she REALLY means it, and when she is just testing you, and when in fact she is doing all this to try to game YOU, or to try to protect herself from getting hurt.

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This is a dangerous area and I'm looking for a bodyguard. " I've actually done stuff like this, and turned a girl who was trying to show how indifferent she is and disarmed her this way, making her and her friend laugh and get into the conversation in a fun way.

But if you GO for this act of them being hard to get, you only REINFORCE their frame and now they must CONTINUE their act of being hard to get, even though deep down they really wanted to meet you!!!!

And the irony is that if you CAN'T pass this test, they figure you are not a man anyway and they will shut down their attraction to you.

That's what makes them feel better, unless they are truly totally self-actualized, (something you yourself should also be working toward) and so far I have not met one person who truly was this way totally, including any woman.

And if you DO happen to meet a woman who is truly self-actualized, ALL THE BETTER, that would be awesome too, because such a woman would have ZERO need to play any "games" whatsoever and would have a tremendous positive impact on your emotions and your life. These are all HUGE topics in themselves that you can get the FULL PICTURE on in my programs at The Dating Wizard Website but I'd like to riff on an important part of this, something known as the "shit test" that women give so well.

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