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Raw eggs in their shells will expand and crack if frozen.Instead, beat lightly and add a pinch of salt or sugar per egg (depending on whether you’re using them for savoury or sweet dishes), which will help to stop the egg splitting once defrosted.Sometimes called ‘wine diamonds’, these are harmless but don’t look great in a glass.As with milk, never store wine in the freezer in a glass bottle, as it will probably shatter.Just remove the skin and stone, then mash with one tablespoon of lemon juice per avocado and freeze for up to two months. Although it doesn’t whip well when defrosted and is quite grainy, it’s fine to use in sauces if you freeze small amounts in ice-cube trays.Store in a well-sealed bag, as the flavour can easily be tainted by other foods.

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It’s more about quick dishes that can be prepared in a flash and clever ways of maximising space and cutting down on waste.’‘Before you freeze, toss the strips in a little sunflower oil and seasoning, then “open freeze” them by arranging them in a single layer on a foil-lined baking tray, covering them with cling film and placing the tray in the freezer,’ says Justine.Because of its alcohol content, wine will not freeze completely but remain a little soft, so make sure that the container is sealed properly.Baked potatoes, roast, mash and gratin will freeze well for up to four months.We fill them with buy-one-get-one-free purchases and bags of ice cubes and, according to a recent survey, continue to throw away far more food than we should because we have no idea how long to keep individual foods frozen.‘What most of us don’t realise is that almost any food can be frozen,’ says cookery writer Justine Pattison, the author of Freeze: Fantastic New Ways To Use Your Freezer And Make Life Just That Bit Easier.‘Techniques have changed enormously since the Seventies, when freezing first became fashionable.‘It’s no longer just about bulk buying, batch cooking and foods that take for ever to defrost.

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