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Burning the circle weekend pass information Dates/Times: 22 September at 7pm until 24 September at 12pm Tickets: £75 per person (and £55 for concessions) To book, go to:

The Met Office has issued a warning across the whole of Scotland, Northern Ireland and south east England stretching from 9pm on Monday 5 until 3pm on Tuesday 6.

The theme this year is as ever shrouded in secrecy, but by the time of the festival our timber circle will have grown and been joined by new structures and posts. This year, we also have a ticketed special package of activities for those who would like to make a weekend of it, starting on the Friday evening with a special gathering at the roundhouse and storytelling.

On the Saturday there will be a chance to work closely with a top prehistoric craft specialists, including Graham Taylor (Potted History) making Grooved Ware pottery, Neil Burridge casting bronze swords, and James Dilley (Ancient Crafts) knapping flint and working with other stones.

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As darkness falls, a shaman figure takes control of proceedings and the big fires are lit, to mimick similar huge conflagrations that we have good archaeological evidence for.Burning the circle festival, to be held over the weekend of 22 September 2017, is an exciting and memorable way to learn more about what it was like to live in prehistory.Located in the grounds of Brodick Castle, the festival centres of two amazing replica prehistoric structures – a timber roundhouse built by Thistle Campers and which is run by the team of NTS rangers for educational events, and a circle of wooden posts up on the hill behind the castle with stunning views over Brodick and the Firth of Clyde.The fire burns into the middle of the night, and the audience hopefully will have a very powerful sensory experience, which with luck will help reinforce the educational content of our festivals by creating enduring memories.As well as being entertaining and even powerful, our building and burning also serve another role – experimental archaeology – to try to help explain some of the evidence for fires and burning of wooden buildings, monuments and pyres that we find in the archaeological record.

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