How to stop dating site spam

I recently started getting e-mails from a number of dating sites.At first I assumed they were random spam, but I quickly realised that someone must have registered on those sites using my email address by accident.The links in these spam messages do not directly lead to the dating sites.Instead, they pass through various message boards that contain spammed post with full-length versions of the pitches in the emails: Figure 2.In addition, these IP addresses appear to be part of /23 or /24 IP address blocks, without any associated domain names (or meaningless ones).These spam-sending IPs are located in a wide variety of countries.As requested, we have unsubscribed your e-mail address from [our] promotional and informative e-mail distribution list and closed the account erroneously opened with your e-mail address.

Scroll to the "Delete junk email" heading you can choose to send all junk mail to the junk folder or to delete the messages right away.

have happened was that I received no further e-mails after failing to confirm my email address.

But alas, I am still receiving unsolicted e-mails from them.

Spammed post on message board (Click for full-size version) These message boards do not appear to be complicit in these attacks; we believe they have been victimized by various bots that target these forums.

Large numbers of forums have been targeted; in one day alone, we saw emails that sent links to more than 700 different forums. , both popular forum software, have been targeted in this manner.

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