Is nina dobrev dating someone

Even tonight alone she’s set the team record for saves in a single game and she’s spent time on the bench to allow her understudy time to play.” “Yes she definitely fits in with Athletic Coordinator Paul Keane’s goal of having the hottest volleyball team ever.

Oh and new recruit Elizabeth Gillies is ready to serve.

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But hearing Erica helping them, rather than attempting to block the event made the team respect their new coach more.Secondly, new coach Erica Durance made a point to go up to Michigan several times to have 1-on-1 visited with the well-endowed 18-year old.And to top it off, Highland College hired the woman who most volleyball insiders believe is responsible for shaping Upton’s early career.” “You mean the controversial hiring of ex-beach volleyball star Cobie Smulders.Until recently she was one-half of the nations best beach pairing and was on the verge of representing the country at the last Olympics.Until she got busted for a DUI and further drug charges laid against her.

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