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Afterwards, Kusanagi reportedly went to J&A office to talk about Jin Akanishi’s suspension removal.

Kusanagi didn’t do it once, he went to the office repeatedly, and it was leaked that Kusanagi’s direct approach may soon solved the case involving Akanishi.

"Underground cavern, all secret and sweaty—""Green tentacles," Jin throws in, and everyone laughs. Meisa isn't even listening."Green tentacles," Josh says enthusiastically. Like Tarzan." He pulls Lou the French girl to him and she giggles. Sorry." She smiles very suddenly but Jin's not an idiot."You've got trouble with... "But Meisa's face is still blank when Kusano comes back from the skeleton. Right."Idols holding up the fast-track lane," Lou whispers as they march a good bit forward, and as they argue over whether Kusano still half-counts, Jin notices Meisa's quiet again.

She came with Meisa, but she was on the seat next to Josh on the 20.000 Miles ride, and she's stuck close to him since then. "She grins, and says something about huge rainforest things that eat mice, or maybe guinea pigs, and Jin shudders and everybody laughs at him. It's hot down here, with his beanie on and his hair itching by his neck. And laughs a little hesitantly before hiding her face in both hands. Do you ever wonder why you always get the girls with the drama whining to you? "Because I got all my drama done and settled and now I've got to live vicariously?

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Akanishi and Kuroki got married in February 2012 and their first daughter was born in September the same year.

Meisa was rumored to be backed-up by Johnny publicly and privately.

Examples of projects where Meisa co-starred with Johnny’s talents: Byakottai with Yama Pi and Koki Tanaka, Haikei Chichiue-sama with Ninomiya Kazunari, One Pound Gospel with Kamenashi Kazuya, Space Battleship Yamato with Takuya Kimura, Saigo no Yakusoku with Arashi, and Shiawase ni Narou yo with Shingo Katori.

A strong “backer” seems to have appeared for Jin Akanishi…

After Jin Akanishi’s wife Meisa Kuroki have given birth to a baby girl last Sept 23rd, SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was heard saying, “a certain promise must be fulfilled”.

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