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Their actions and responses — vague enough to be applied to either topic — happen to match up so well, though, that neither notices for some time, if at all. Expect one of the 'conversations' to be sex-related.

Anyway, I'm calling to interview you about your latest project. My soul - crushed." Michael: "How do you think I feel? You know, it's amoral, that's what it is." Michael: "You're telling me." Brian: "How could they do this?

Interviewer: Brian: "How could you eat after what happened last night? Steam's still coming out of my ears." Brian: "My heart's broken.

So yeah, maybe make sure no one is walking behind your computer screen while you watch it.

Oh, and if Eastwood has you all hot and bothered, check out his real-life shirtless pictures and the sexy pics of him in The Longest Ride, which is now available on Digital HD and comes out on Blu-ray/DVD on July 14.

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