Simbu dating varalakshmi

Yesterday, the actress tweeted, ” Breakups hv reached a new low..

a guy broke up a 7yr relationship thru his manager.. ” The tweet led to big time speculation with many wondering if this had anything to do with the actress’ life.

It seems Vishal’s father producer G K Reddy was not happy with this development and the two were not on the best of terms for a while.

The once-close family friends, Sarath Kumar and GK Reddy, have worked together on some films.

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“The last film that G K Reddy produced and Sarath Kumar starred in was ‘I love India’.

This film ran into losses and it looks like their relationship also turned off,” added the source.

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Two gangs are said to fight against each other , one is Sarathkumar based gang and another one Vishal Based gang Both gangs are in severe campaign and eager to win the election .Name of the film is ‘Poda Podi’ where in simbu, Vara Lakshmi playing the young couple grown in abroad but landed in India.Actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has clarified that a tweet she put out on break ups has nothing to do with her.I am very honest and truthful and I want someone the same.” The money will be wired transferred from western union or money gram by you to him.Online Dating sites have been so popular for so long.

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